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  Competitive Advantage
  A shared dynamic database

PAR has a shared dynamic database maintains the details of nearly 50,000 candidates of various backgrounds. The proprietary database of pre-qualified senior-level candidates allows PAR to meet clients' requirements effectively and efficiently.

>> Resume Analysis 每Diversified in Profession
A shared dynamic database
Project Operation System
Customer-designed Project
Team Focusing on Specific
Search Process
Service guarantee
>> Resume Analysis 每Diversified in Geography
Nationwide coverage 每 major & 2nd -tier cities & areas

From figure 1.1 & 1.2, it could be found PAR's database covers most economic cities in east, north and south China and the candidates vary from different professions.

>> Resume Analysis 每Diversified in Education & Experience
Cream of the crop in China 每
﹛﹛﹛- 81% are experienced white-collar workers
﹛﹛﹛- 92% are of high education background

Base on the foregoing analysis, well-educated job seekers with solid experience have their advantages to find appropriate position in the oversupply job market. The figures show most of the talents in the database are skilled with high education background which are conducive for the career consultants to search potential candidates effectively.

  Project Operation System

PAR heavily invested in the information technology system. PAR launched their search tool and project management system, which adopts a statistically validated online assessment methodology that allows clients to understand the whole interview process and how a candidate thinks and behaves in real-world situations. This system not only provides a more rounded view of candidates, it is also a valuable resource for measuring cultural fit and organizational compatibility.

The ability to manage, store, process and retrieve the substantial information system including candidate databases and the project system have a significant factor to create a competitive advantage.

  Customer-designed Project Team Focusing on Specific Industry

According to the different recruiting require and characteristics of different industry, project teams is custom-designed focusing on specific industries to be in charge of different cases, from industry analysis, competitor investigation to position searching. Knowledgeable and professional consultants from a wide range of industry areas and solid experience constitute different project teams.

The project team works closely with the client to better understand its history, culture, structure, expectations, challenges, future direction and operations.

  Search Process

We believe one of the important competences to win the case is the efficient search process. Different headhunters have distinct approaches. It depends on internal operational management, resource and team co-operation. PAR's search methodology with a consistent, time-tested, step by step process approaches every client with a unique identity and set of needs.

No two clients 〞and no two searches〞are the same, the search process has been established as a custom-designed strategy to ensure the high level of service.

  Service guarantee

After an appropriate candidate is found and recruited by the customer, we provide a 3-month service guarantee and promise to recommend other candidates as backup free of charge in case the recruited candidate leaves within three months.

The profiles of all our customers and candidates are kept confidential
PAR will not pass on any information to a third party without permission from our customers or candidates.

Once the candidate is recruited by one of our clients, we will not arrange further interviews.

We guarantee the objectivity and truthfulness of all information we provide.