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Consulting Team
PAR consultants are recruited and developed so they can be the best in the consultancy world in living our core values:
We think this gives our firm〞and our clients〞an edge. Because we can construct the right team for every client challenge, rather than molding client challenges to fit our teams.
If necessary, we'll bring together PAR experts to address your specialized needs. And you'll always be able to count on a partner or senior-level consultant to be actively involved in your engagement.
Our consultants are highly respected for their search experience and sector knowledge. Their careers in business and as search professionals have given them access to an extensive network of outstanding industry leaders.
Mr. Zhang每 Senior Consultant
EMBA (CEBIS), bachelor in Math
Registered Qualification Certificate Agent of Human Resource
18+ years working experience and 11 years in executive search focused on IT industry
Placed Professionals in MNC's in China, including Dell, IBM, Cisco, EMC, HP / Compaq, Oracle, Nortel, Sitara, BMC, Alteon, Micromuse, Thermo Fisher & etc.
Ms. Zheng每 Senior Consultant
MBA (UK), bachelor in Computer Science
Registered Qualification Certificate Agent of Human Resource
Registered Qualification of Psychological counselor(II)
14+ years working experience and 9 years executive search focus on FMCG industry
Placed Professionals and Managers in MNC's in China, including Nike, Coco-cola, LVMH, Electrolux & etc.
Mr. Gao每 Senior Consultant
Bachelor in Engineer
Registered Qualification Certificate Agent of Human Resource
13+ years working experience in recruitment and human resources management function
Including 5 years as consultant focusing on IT & Manufacturing industries
Severed Alcatel, Johnson & Johnson, Jones Lang LaSalle companies as Senior HR Manager and Recruitment Manager
Mr. Qian每 Senior Consultant
Ph.D. Harvard Medical School, USA
14 years work and research experience especially in pharmacy and medical industries
Overseas experience including 7 years in USA and 7 years working in China
Providing consulting services for MNS of Pharmacy & Medical industries with professional medical background
Mr. Ning每 Hangzhou Branch Manager
Bachelor in Business Administration
Registered Qualification Certificate Agent of Human Resource
16+ years working experience and 5 years in headhunter Industries focus on delivery and management
Served nation-owned enterprise, many foreign fortune 500 companies and local company, well knowledge for multi-culture