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" The whole emphasis on people, as one of the most important competitive advantages a company can create, demands that top management attract, cultivate, and keep the best workforce they can possibly find ¡±, (Bratton & Gold, 2003). Recruiting talents is increasingly becoming the focus of top mangers concern about the intangible asset of the organization. It facilitates the development of head-hunting industry.

¡¡Opportunities and changes in the industry

As the largest city in China, Shanghai has become an important center for industry and commerce. Geographically Shanghai has also become an important center for the recruitment industry. Shanghai¡¯s economy is becoming more service-oriented.

Nowadays, executive search firms are involved in finding more than half of all people in top jobs. As reported by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (¡°CIPD¡± 2005), recruitment agencies/headhunters rates only after the local paper, approximately accounts 80 percent among all the recruitment methods. The are 48 percent of the senior managers/directors and 43 percent of the Managers/professionals recruited via this particular way.

Foreign headhunting firms are allowed to do business in China starting from October 1, 2001, opening a new front for overseas business. It is estimated that in a few years, business volume in the Chinese head-hunting market would top 200 million US dollars a year. (China Economic Sector Report 2006)

China¡¯s job market is big enough for more players. The ministry¡¯s statistics show that more than 3,700 personnel services companies operate in the country. They held more than 10,000 job fairs last year participated by 480,000 organizations and visited by 12 million people. The industry¡¯s opening-up will benefit both domestic and foreign head-hunting firms. But the foreign firms are required to form joint ventures with domestic counterparts and to have provincial licensing. Under the rules, the government will approve qualified domestic companies to work with foreign ones in the personnel services field. (China Economic Sector Report 2006)

  Competition because of the multi-channel recruitment
Headhunting is facing the multi-channel of recruitment due to the variety of circumstances. The main approaches to attracting applicants can be summarized as follows :
Employee referrals
Professional associations
Educational associations
Professional agencies (Headhunting)
Using the services of a headhunter extends to middle management. And headhunters need first-class research, first-class systems, databases, reference books and a lot of creative and lateral thought.

Headhunter services are called on in a variety of circumstances. It could be when firms need to fill management positions, or when experienced managers want to climb the career ladder, or when MBA graduates are looking for their first senior management role.

All of our consultants are HR experts in different lines of business. When they meet with the clients, they will check and define the clients' requirements so as to understand the positions searched. Then they will work out corresponding search strategies, as well as develop a comprehensive list of the prospective organizations and candidates. At last through different channels, they will contact the suitable candidates to find out their background information. Once the candidates accept the recommendation and are willing to apply for the position, our senior consultant will conduct a face-to-face interview with them. Meanwhile, our consultant will select the most suitable candidates and prepare confidential candidate assessment reports for the client. The client then selects candidates for a second interview from the report until the most suitable candidate is found.

Our service is more than just searching for suitable candidates. On the contrary, we expand our service to each aspect of human resource management, including relative market comparison, the feasibility of the HR project and competitor analysis.

We always adhere to the principal of dedication and innovation to analyze comprehensively and objectively the link between macro & microenvironment of a company. And we will carry out our position search, based on the overall situation and development of the company as well as the authoritative HR theory and practice.