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  Career Counseling
  Enterprise Diagnosis

Offer enterprise diagnosis and consultant services, help enterprises give an overall, objective, foresighted observation and consideration to problems.

Organizational Structure & Optimize Procedure
¡¡Organization Structure
  • The Revolution of Organizational Structure
  • Functional Structure
  • Disadvantages of Functional Structures
  • Geographic Structure


  • Disadvantages of Geographic Structures
  • Matrix Structure
  • Advantages of Matrix Structures
  • Team¨CBased Organisations (TBOs)
  • Introducing Team-Based Working
¡¡Establish Corporation Culture for SME

What Culture should be encouraged and need to develop to support the company¡¯s goals?

Culture is a core competence should be difficult for competitors to copy. It¡¯s clearly a competence that can be defended against competitors has greater value than one which other companies can share.

¡¡Design & Innovate Strategic Human Resource Management
  • HRM Practice
    Selection, Training, Appraisal, Rewards, Job design, Involvement, Status & Security.
  • HRM Strategy
    Differentiation (innovation), Focus (quality), Cost (cost-reduction)
  • HRM Outcomes
    Effort/motivation, Cooperation, Involvement, Organizational citizenship
  • Performance Outcomes
    High ¨CProductivity, Quality, Innovation
    Low¡ªAbsence, Labor turnover, Conflict, Customer complaints
  • Financial Outcomes
    Profits, Return on investment