Quality Manager
จ‹ Position Function
กกก๖ Monitor the quality system as quality representative to make sure it is in control.
  • Set up and maintain ISO9000/QS9000/ISO14001/VDA6.1/TS16949/DBS
  • Prepare for the second and third party audit to keep successful
  • Train the related employee in quality management field
กกก๖ Monitor quality performance
  • Set up quality target and review periodic
  • Quickly response for PRR and WIR
  • Responsible for track all action plan
กกก๖ Problem Solving and Improvement
  • Ensure Problem Solving has been roll out and ICIM methodology implemented.
  • Ensure procedure for corrective action and preventive action implemented. Special Assignment
  • Coordinate response to customer concerns.
  • Monitor corrective action implementation and effectiveness.
  • Coordinate implementation of Engineering change or permit.
กกก๖ Collect voice of customer and keep contact closely for better customer satisfaction
  • Communicate with customers voluntary
  • Transfer customer voice to internal and follow up
  • Visit customer site periodic
กกก๖ New Product Start Up
  • Review FMEAs, Control Plans etc. prior to start up of new projects
  • Release processes and products
  • Assure all reliability systems are used
กกก๖ DBS Implementation in Shanghai plant
  • Provide leadership to Shanghai plant on DBS
  • Manage DBS documentation
กกก๖ Manage the Quality Department and insure timely quality system service to the Plant.
กกก๖ Develop, review and update policies and work standards that support the attainment of the plant Mission and Goals.
กกก๖ Actively participate in the management of policies, work standards, operations, budgeting,
กกก๖ Management/employee relationships, quality and health and safety.
กกก๖ Actively develop and promote the plant Action Plan for Excellence Assurance.
กกก๖ Insure the Quality department effectively serve the needs of all customer.
กกก๖ Cross function with other internal departments and external sources, to resolve both issues and conflicts that form barriers to the attainment of Quality related issues and plant Mission and Goals.
กกก๖ Follow the Company EHS policies
กกก๖ Prevent waste materials, stationery, water, and electricity and protect nature
กกก๖ Monitor subordinates to follow up the Company regulation to prevent any injury
กกก๖ As a member of the DPES Management Team, always set the highest level of expectation on any health or safety related issue
กกก๖ As the SH Plant Management Representative, should assure the quality system setup, implementation and maintain, report the quality system to the high level management team for the opportunity to improvement, and deliver the customer requirement to the team


  • Excellent interpersonal skills to relate effectively with both internal and external personnel.
  • Good writing skills to provide written plant Work Standards and instructions.
  • Good analytical skills to insure timely collection and analysis of QR data.
  • Managerial supervisory and team building skills to direct and lead staff.
  • University level degree in Science or Management and 3 to 5 years of QR related work experience
  • Specialized courses relating to DBS, QS, VDA,TS/ISO16949.
  • Good training skills to conduct training programs.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Ability to establish and maintain a budget.
  • Computer, network and software skills including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Project Management.
  • Over 5 years Quality Management experience in MNCs with over 2 years managerial role