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Industries Practices
Financial Industry

Work with the global, national and other well-known experience in the financial success of customers in the fields of banking, insurance, funds, investment banks, financial leasing, with a very large talent pool of senior financial database, resume database system, efficient utilization (≥ 99.96%), efficient response of the positions, a wide range of services and competitive prices,
PAR consultant team brings together industry background, relevant professional advisers, comprehensive business knowledge makes our industry-based, in-depth understanding of customer's corporate culture, business needs and positions quickly.

We serve the financial industry, including:
Investment Bank
Manufacturing Industry

Globalization, mergers and acquisitions, vertical integrations and partnerships, all need more of the people at the top. Manufacturing companies of all sizes and in all sectors are completely different. Less formal business-models and flatter, more nimble organizational structures mean that finding the right talents to lead and inspire, has never been more important. PAR Manufacturing Practice, working in partnership with our function experts, provides clients with the ability to hire top caliber people, providing candidates with the talent and compatibility needed to drive corporations to the next level of creative, positive growth.
Succession planning in the Manufacturing workforce is more essential than ever. PAR professionals share their vision with our Manufacturing clients to help find their future leaders.

Our Manufacturing Practice includes:
Automotive vehicle manufacture
Chemical and process industries
Durable products
Industrial products
Non-durable products
Plastics and polymers
Logistics and etc
Consumer & Retail Industry

Technological advances, globalization and the Internet are reshaping the rules in today's consumer products & services market, especially in Asia. Success often requires rethinking the strategies that drive customer, employee and investor relationships as well as the value chain itself: Branding, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, selling & delivering and customer services.
With our quest for excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, PAR has helped countless consumer products and services organizations select the management and professional talent they need to achieve their goals. We can demonstrate a successful track record across the marketplace, from luxury top tie and worldwide retail brands to virtual international marketing entities. With professionals and function experts to assist specialist appointments, we have the experience, knowledge and commitment needed to secure exceptional talent in this demanding sector. We are relied on our ability to assess and deliver qualified candidates for positions in a broad array of consumer industry sectors.

Our Consumer & Retail Practice covers a broad spectrum, including:
Consumer Durable Goods
Food & Beverage
Media & Entertainment
Luxury Products
Sports & Leisure
Retail Company and etc
Information Technology Industry

IT or high tech is one of the top growth industries in the global economy, changing the way we live, communicate and do business. Continual development and rapid advances require focused expertise, and anticipating the future of technology is a must. The PAR Technology practice began over 8 years ago, and becoming very important technology practices in the search industry today.
PAR's team of technology specialists has performed thousands of searches for internet, wireless applications and devices, wire line, security, hardware and software companies. We are on the forefront of executive search for global technology companies.

Our IT industry Practice includes:
Internet/Internet Services
Professional & IT Services
Systems & Software
Emerging Technologies
Semiconductors & Electronics and etc
IC (Integrated Circuit ) Industry

The IC industry has fueled many of the technological advances we have witnessed over the past decades. New products and capabilities in telecommunications, computing and consumer electronics are only part of the story. At the same time as enabling new leading-edge products, the industry has continued its relentless pursuit of reduced costs. It has adopted globalization as a standard part of business, and has seen its once integrated business model be disaggregated into specialized providers of design, manufacturing, packaging and test services. To fight threatened commoditization, industry leaders have found ways to more closely link their products to the end-users and have dramatically increased the systems-level content of their products.

Our IC Industry Practice includes:
Assembly & Test Providers
Integrated Device Manufacturers
Fabless Semiconductor Companies and etc
Financial Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Consumer & Retail Industry
Information Technology Industry
IC (Integrated Circuit)